The project was commissioned to provide the clients with a lifetime home where they can raise a family and care for an elderly parent. The clients have close ties to the locality but have not lived there for years. Building their home on the edge of the village will allow them to become lasting members of the community.

The basis for the design was to bring a contemporary twist to the traditional Irish vernacular. The main form of the home takes the shape of a single cell Irish cottage. From this central axis, two timber clad elements are pulled out to give the building a certain dynamism.

The building has a linear form. This allows many rooms to be dual aspect while giving the house a rational circulation flow. There are moments of compression as you move through the house, which then expand to beautifully lit and spacious areas. The main living space is a sunken lounge to flow with the natural slope of the site while projecting out at 45 degrees. This gives the space a more generous ceiling height while opening up to the surrounding views of the Blackstairs mountain range. The house is orientated to let all bedrooms enjoy the sunrise while allowing the main living zone to enjoy the sun for the duration of the day.

There is a careful materials palette that allows you to read the building easily. The simple form of the 1st floor has a crisp white render. The contrast of the 1st floor, to the dynamic movement of the ground floor, is accentuated by the use of full height glazing and Siberian larch cladding which together form a continuous band across the front façade. The 1st floor acts as a white cottage placed on top of a contemporary timber form. This becomes particularly apparent when you walk out onto the patio and see the 1st floor cantilever beyond the splayed living block.