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With a positive response from the planner I started my design. I tend to start out with the clients wish list on one side of the table, a blank piece of paper, eraser, pencil, a lovely cup of Barry’s tea and away we start the journey. This was a particularly challenging design because the client had a background in design, Marian had done extensive research on the style and form which the building should take, but always said to me “That’s what we like, you design and we won’t influence you on your own style”. I locked myself away one Saturday and began to sketch; my job was made so much easier in one sense as I had a CD full of pictures that consisted of the styles that I was to be guided by. As a graphic designer Marian knew all too well the process of design, the blank page, the first scribbles, will that work there?, start again, more tea, then something happens, you like it and then develop it till it makes sense.
Then comes the scary bit of presenting your draft proposals to the client. I did about 5 initial elevation drawings. We sat down in the kitchen and went through the 5 designs with pros and cons for each of them. I left the meeting that day happy that they liked the proposals and one of the designs would be chosen.

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